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Isaac and Hannah have both been faithfully serving Jesus together since their days at the University of Alabama.

It was there that they began their marriage as well as their life in ministry. In 2003 they moved to Mexico and began working with Freedom Ministries under the leadership of Brother David Hogan. They lived and served there for almost 20 years. In mid 2022, they felt the Father asked them to come back to the United States, to put down roots, and to begin cultivating back into the Earth the many lessons they had learned over the previous two decades in ministry. Leaving Mexico was the hardest thing they ever had to do, but the presence and grace of Jesus led them back to call Alabama their home again. It is there they launched Vival Ministries in 2023 and established a home for both life and ministry. From that place of rest, they continue to travel as they preach, teach, and train the family of the beloved. They have three amazing sons: Landon, Luke, and Judd.


Equipping others to realize perpetual vitality through intimacy with Jesus Christ.

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