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Equipping others to realize perpetual vitality through intimacy with Jesus Christ.

We believe that the same power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead makes us spiritually alive. That
power is never fleeting and always accessible to the believer. Each of us must learn to live in agreement
with this vital truth. It is only through proper connection to Jesus in intimacy and devotion that we can
realize the abundant life that God provides to us.


Once you RE, just BE.
Be Vival. Be Alive.

It is our deepest conviction that the abundant life is not only realized through REvival, but can be sustained continuously through fellowship with Jesus Christ.

We at Vival Ministries believe the Father has called us to train, teach, and model this lifestyle in our
generation and to father the next generation of leaders to do the same.

Practically, we believe we will realize this goal through preaching, teaching, and mentoring. We will do this in close relationship to the local church and in partnership with missions organizations and
ministries that are already fulfilling the vision of reaching the whole earth with the message of Jesus
Christ to the Glory of God.


We feel that the mandate the Father has put on our life is to add our voice and experience to what He is doing in the earth and to help His people become fully convinced that through Him our river will never run dry.

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